Wintry weather? Don’t despair!

In winter, we all love watching pretty snowflakes falling outside the window — not the winter-induced skinflakes falling off our faces.

The dropping temperature sends chills underneath our skin, seeping into our bones. It’s not particularly pleasant, yet many of us will also find unwelcome guests at surface level. Ravaged by bitter cold winds, our skin is suddenly dull and dry, dotted with oily patches and skinflakes falling off our faces!

Combine that with the rising temperature of dry and stale heated indoor air, and you’ve got the base for a complete winter makeup meltdown. In utter horror, you discover that masking all that horrible wintry flakiness with a layer of traditional, non-organic and natural foundation doesn’t cut it anymore. All the dry and oily patches on your skin are suddenly magnified a hundred times over, and your makeup looks cakier than usual.

At Liht Organics, we understand that you’ve got a million things to attend to, like that holiday party that calls for a full face of festive makeup! Or a cold night out at an ice-skating rink with your hot date!

Like any makeup routine in any other season, a winter-proof, safe makeup routine still starts with a good base. Foundations packed with skin-loving organic and natural makeup ingredients can work just as well — if not even better — than their traditional counterparts!

Combat the repercussions of Mother Nature with these 3 seamless foundation hacks for winter-proof, safe makeup that will help you stay on top of your makeup game!


Choose foundations jam-packed with organic skincare brand facial oils!

When the temperature drops, liquid based makeup products jam-packed with nourishing vegan oils will glide more smoothly across your skin. This imparts an incredibly dewy, hydrated finish to your skin that enables it to stand firmly in its ground against the frigid cold.

If you’re looking for a go-to, reputable organic makeup brand in Singapore with products that are also safe makeup for pregnant mums, look no further! Your search for the perfect winter foundation to add to your organic makeup routine starts at Liht Organics! Liht Organics is a highly recommended organic makeup brand in Singapore with formulas that are nourishing and moisturizing; perfect for makeup in the winter (or any season for that matter!). Our organic liquid foundation is formulated with nourishing vegan oils such as Rice Bran and Avocado that live up to high-quality organic skincare brand standards!

What ‘oil’ you looking for? If you love buildable light coverage, you would love Liht Organics’ multi-tasking organic and natural makeup superstar, the Anti-Aging BB Cream. For medium to high coverage, opt for a hard-hitter in the organic and natural department, such as Liht Organics’ Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation. Alternatively, if you’re a foundation-free kind of girl, you can just do some precise spot concealing with Liht Organics’ creamy Flawless Face Concealer on your beautiful complexion alone!



Dab, dab, dab!

Your (makeup) tools of choice and how you choose to dab, dab, dab your personalised organic and natural makeup foundation concoction is vital to ensure that it is locked into place. Our advice? We recommend using your trusty fingers to warm up your organic and natural makeup foundation concoction on the back of your hand, then gently dabbing across and into your skin with a damp sponge. Always dab, and never rub! Rubbing movements will pull on your delicate skin and exacerbate any existing unsightly dryness, and flaky patches!


(Don’t) set it all!

Strategic powder placement will help reduce the likelihood of foundation rubbing off onto your favourite winter scarf or hat. The key is to not brush powder all over your face, lest you risk an overly mattified, flaky look! Opt for a lovely organic treatment powder in Singapore that will also protect you from winter sun damage instead. Swirl a large, fluffy powder brush into Liht Organics’ All-Day Perfection Foundation and gently sweep  onto specific oilier areas and where you would like to minimise makeup transfer. This will help to keep your makeup where you want it – on your face!

We hope that you took away some newfound insights on how organic and natural makeup, when used right, can make for 3 seamless foundation hacks for winter-proof safe makeup.

Do you have your own seamless foundation hacks for winter-proof safe makeup? Please share them with us, too!

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