It’s easy not to see red!

At a certain point in their lives, many women are diagnosed with rosacea – a common chronic skin disorder.

Rosacea occurs mostly on the face in areas such as the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. It is characterised by visibly reddened skin and acne-like textural bumps; the latter can also often be pustular, often causing it to be mistaken as acne.

In more severe conditions, however, symptoms of rosacea can affect even the neck, chest, scalp and ears. It is not a life-threatening skin disorder, but its visible signs can be physically uncomfortable and emotionally distressing for sufferers.

As such, many women with rosacea may feel compelled to mask themselves under a thick layer of makeup that they can face the world confidently in. However, traditional makeup products with toxin-loaded ingredient lists, as well as poor makeup application techniques, can aggravate rosacea even further.

For all our blushing beauties out there, read on for our top 5 tips on how you can effectively conceal (and treat) your rosacea at the same time!

Ace Your Base

Opt for creamier, hydrating liquid foundations. Their velvety textures will smooth over and soothe any pesky red bumps and angry flare-ups sans the irritation. Liht Organics’ award-winning Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation is the perfect base to begin with. Start with a just a pump of Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation on the back of your hand. It’s lightweight, yet buildable – so you can add extra coverage where you need it. With a clean antibacterial foundation brush, pick up some product from your hand and gently brush over your face and blend well from the centre outwards. Use broad brush strokes to cover bigger problem areas; smaller strokes will do when tackling areas such as the thin crevices around the eyes and nose.


Concise Concealing

If you have reddened skin around your eyes that you would like to conceal, our Flawless Face Concealer can help you to easily achieve that. For more pustular acne-like bumps, apply a yellow-based concealer like Au Naturale or Precision, depending on your skin tone — the former for more tanned Asian skin tones, and the latter for the fairer skinned. You can also apply Radiance exactly on the edges of a dark circle or eye bag to help diminish shadows and make your peepers feel light and bright. Always use an antibacterial concealer brush and apply the coverage where you need it, and feather the outer edges to blend with the healthy skin surrounding it.


Blushing Beauty

The right makeup application technique of colour makeup will not aggravate your rosacea. For example, despite its name, our highly pigmented Sheer Radiance Blush will reduce the need for you to keep having to build up the colour on your face, thus reducing unnecessary physical irritation where you don’t need it. Pick a blush shade that doesn’t match your skin’s natural flush such as a peachy, yet bronzed coral (e.g. Peach Tulip) or a deep mauve (e.g. Waterlily). However, do take care with colour placement — for example, sweep blush higher on your cheeks if your rosacea extends much lower.


The Finishing Touches

Dab, don’t sweep — a placement pattern of applying powder will reduce the risk of displacing the base makeup that you have meticulously laid in place. For every day, you may choose to double up on the sun protection by dusting on a sheer layer of our All Day Perfection Foundation which is great for when you’re seeking extra coverage. The powerful rosacea-friendly duo of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that is present in both powders will also help to keep unwanted shine at bay without inducing any pesky flare-ups!


Distract with Bright Lip Colour!

Finally, a bright lip colour in a strategic shade is crucial. Select a shade on the opposite spectrum from your rosacea — if not, the pinkish and reddish pigments in your rosacea can compete to steal the spotlight from your puckers and make you look like the hot mess you definitely are not.

For example, if you have rosacea with reddish tones but can’t part ways with a classic red lip, you could go for a deep burgundy with reddish tones, such as our Moisture Burst Lip Glaze in Roasted Cherry instead.

We hope that our 5 rosacea-friendly tips on how to conceal redness with makeup will help you to better manage this chronic skin condition. Do you have any of your own tips on how to conceal your rosacea effectively with makeup? Share them with us!

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