Don’t believe everything they tell you at the beauty counter.

Mineral makeup products come shrouded in mystery and misconceptions, to say the least.

Notwithstanding being fully vegan, organic and natural, mineral makeup products still aren’t commonplace in many women’s natural beauty routines. In fact, if you haven’t tried fully vegan, organic and natural mineral makeup products yet, you’ll wonder why swapping them with your tried-and-true traditional makeup products is even a good idea.

After all, mineral makeup products don’t stand a chance against sweltering days and even clog the pores, right?

Wrong!  The fully vegan, organic and natural ingredient lists of all of Liht Organics’ mineral base makeup products is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. This means that it’s great safe makeup for pregnant mums, and even the most sensitive of skin! Yet, you’ll find Liht Organics’ mineral base makeup products very pigmented with buildable coverage to suit your daily needs!

If you’re new to the world of mineral makeup, don’t be misled by the biggest myths about mineral makeup products versus their traditional counterparts! Read on as we get around to debunking 3 common myths about mineral makeup products!


1. Mineral makeup products are mostly drying face powders and not great for those with finer lines


In recent years, the red flag has been raised on talc, a harmful chemical that can be found in non-organic and natural powdered makeup products. In fact, talc is a finely milled powder that can be easily inhaled and increase the risk of respiratory disorders. This is a risk worth bearing in mind, especially since many women often brush on non-organic and natural powder makeup products containing talc around their nose area daily. Mineral or otherwise, this doesn’t help the reputation powder makeup products have for exacerbating dryness and fine lines! 

Light reflective minerals in Liht Organics’ talc-free mineral makeup products formulations actually help to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores instead. This helps all skin types to look healthy and youthful all day long!


2. Mineral makeup products are only good for people with sensitive skin!


To date, this is one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding mineral makeup products. Yes, mineral makeup products and their hypoallergenic ingredient list with no harmful chemicals, unnecessary artificial binders and fillers make them safe for blemish-prone and/or sensitive skin. For those wondering how to treat eczema, mineral makeup products are great for that too!

However, all skin types can benefit from such natural skin-loving benefits of mineral makeup products! From natural mineral makeup blemish balms to buildable high-coverage foundations, Liht Organics’ wide mineral makeup product range is safe for every skin type. This is good news for everyone, really!


3. Mineral makeup products aren’t long-lasting!

If you avoid mineral makeup because you think fully vegan, organic and natural mineral makeup products will melt off your face by noon, think again! Mineral makeup is great for the warmer months as the organic and natural mineral and vitamin elements in Liht Organics’ mineral makeup products will blend seamlessly with your skin’s natural oils. This will help your makeup to blend naturally and cleanly under the heat, making it look even better as the hours tick by.

With Liht Organics’ best hypoallergenic mineral makeup products, you can rest assured that your skin is always pampered with the best hypoallergenic ingredients every time, every day!

Liht Organics is a highly recommended organic brand based in Singapore with high-quality, fully vegan and natural mineral makeup products! Formulated with no harmful chemicals, the fully vegan, organic and natural minerals and vitamins gently nourish the skin to make it the best safe makeup for sensitive skin types and more!

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