Time to turn up the heat!

Physical intimacy is an important and healthy part of a committed relationship. When both partners feel sexy and confident, it enriches the overall human experience and shared connection they have.

Certain foods, drinks and substances have been rumoured to possess aphrodisiac properties. Named after the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite, they make for more fun under the sheets by reducing stress, increasing blood flow and positively affecting neurotransmitters. This enables both partners to feel more at ease around each other and bond quickly.

Liht Organics’ fully vegan and organic makeup products actually contain  3 natural, edible beauty aphrodisiacs of food-grade standards! These cruelty-free, organic and vegan top natural beauty products will truly make you feel sexy and confident like the #LihtWoman you are!

Read on to fall in love with these 3 naturally edible aphrodisiac ingredients in Liht Organics’ fully vegan, organic and natural makeup!


1. Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa)

We’re starting this list off with a well-loved sweet indulgence.  Derived from Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa), pure, dark chocolate contains phenylethlamine (PEA) — a natural amphetamine that stimulates the sense of exhilaration and euphoria new lovers experience. PEA is actually at its most potent state so when it is first released, so it’s easy to understand why it would be so easy to fall in love with chocolate (Joe Kort, MSW)!

Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) can be easily found in Liht Organics’  fully vegan, organic and natural makeup products, such as the Flawless Face Concealer and Moisture Burst Lip Glaze! The inclusion of the naturally derived organic Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter will nourish your skin and lips, keeping them hydrated all day long!


2. Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil

Millennials, rejoice — your brunch fruit of choice can be good at making it toastier under the sheets! Derived from the humble avocado, Persea Gratissima Oil contains a multitude of nutrients essential to a healthy sex life such as Vitamin B6 and E. The latter is particularly crucial for reproductive health, allowing hormones to take the centre stage and stimulate sexual arousal.

In a similar vein, fully vegan, organic and natural Persea Gratissima Oil takes centre stage in Liht Organics’ Anti-Aging BB Cream. The USDA-certified Persea Gratissima Oil in these organic and natural skincare and makeup product formulations will help to greatly improve skin elasticity for younger-looking skin to fall in love with every day!


3. Vanilla Plainifolia (Vanilla) 

Vanilla Planifolia is a species of the vanilla orchid that is well-renowned for its high vanillin content. This imparts an exceptional fragrance to this edible, organic and natural aphrodisiac. While its aphrodisiac properties are often attributed to its alluring fragrance, Vanilla Planifolia also helps to increase the sensitivity of the genital organs and increase sexual desire of both women and men. You’ll find this organic and natural libido-boosting aphrodisiac in Liht Organics’  Youth Elixir Liquid FoundationLiht Organics’ USDA-certified organic and natural, edible Vanilla Planifolia is rich in antioxidants to effectively preserve your skin’s youth against external stressors in the years to come!

Give your current makeup routine a boost with cruelty free, organic and natural alternatives from Liht Organics! Buy fully vegan, organic natural beauty products with no harmful chemicals online here today. 

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