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You’ve probably noticed weird numbers like CI 77499, CI 77492 and CI 77491 tacked behind seemingly innocuous chemicals called iron oxides in fully vegan, organic and natural makeup formulations.

However, iron oxides are not harmful chemicals that you should fret about! In fact, iron oxides have been used in fully vegan, organic and natural color makeup formulations since the early 1990s. They are classifiable into three major groups — black, yellow and colcothar (red) iron oxides — respectively.

Such cosmetic colorants are classified as either organic or inorganic. Despite what you may think, the latter deemed to be the much safer option. Inorganic colorants are considered a non-harmful chemical in fully vegan, organic and natural beauty products. This is due to their natural components, which don’t pose the same kind of health risks as their organic counterparts.

Curious to know more about iron oxides, the non-harmful inorganic chemical that punches well above its weight in Liht Organics’ organic and natural beauty products with so much skin-loving goodness? It’s great as safe makeup for sensitive skin, too! Read on for the 3 interesting facts about iron oxides you didn’t know before!


1. They are the foundation of your cosmetic and makeup products!

Excuse us for the pun on this one. Apart from the usual colorful players like vegan lips and cheeks, as well as eye makeup products, iron oxides are also the main pigments in organic and natural foundationspowders and concealers that match your skin perfectly. With a suitable proportion of titanium and zinc oxide (white, yet natural beauty powders with sun-protecting properties) and a little alchemy,Liht Organics’ fully vegan, organic and natural makeup products cover all the bases to enhance natural beauty across skin tones!


2. They are non-toxic and non-irritating!

Inorganic iron oxides graded safe for cosmetic use is used in fully vegan, organic and natural makeup product formulations. Such iron oxides are produced synthetically in order to avoid the inclusion of naturally occurring ferrous iron oxides that are potential irritants. According to the United States of America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA), all iron oxides in makeup products marketed as fully vegan, organic and natural are synthetic and have a predictable safety profile. They won’t irritate the skin and there are no studies that have proven them as allergens, so it’s the perfect fully vegan, organic and natural option in safe makeup for sensitive-skinned beauties! 


3. They possess incredible staying power!

At their core, inorganic, synthetic iron oxides are colored mineral powders. They possess incredible mattifying properties that reduce the need for frequent touch-ups throughout the day! When they are used in fully vegan, organic and natural, safe makeup product formulations, they are non-harmful chemicals lauded for their non-bleeding and moisture resistant properties. For example, Liht Organics’ Anti-Aging BB Cream is the perfect fully vegan, organic and natural all-in-one base makeup product for the cosmopolitan woman. Packed with safe, inorganic iron oxides, it can last through even your busiest days!


Liht Organics is a highly recommended organic brand based in Singapore with high-quality, fully vegan, organic and natural makeup products with no harmful chemicals. The iron oxides used in its organic and natural makeup product formulations are incredibly gentle, making it safe makeup for sensitive skin!

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