Free of Harmful Chemicals, Fully Vegan, Organic and Natural: What Do These Terms Actually Mean?

Let’s look beyond the plastic label!

The next beauty revolution is naturalnaturally organic and fully vegan makeup products!

Long gone are the days when choosing fully vegan, organic and natural makeup products with no harmful chemicals meant sacrificing effectiveness. Now, many consumers are slowly shifting toward fully vegan, organic and natural makeup products than those filled with unnecessary harmful chemicals. The former boasts high-quality clean and hypoallergenic ingredient lists with proven efficacy on par with their latter counterparts!

However, it’s also important to be wary of makeup products that appear to be better for the planet than they are. Armed with a little bit of know-how, it’s not difficult to discern the differences across these four important terms: free of harmful chemicals, fully vegan, organic and natural. Keep reading to learn more about what they actually mean!

Free of Harmful Chemicals

Chemical-free makeup products are a myth; on the other hand, synthetic, harmful chemical-free makeup products are not. Even perfectly safe, organic and natural ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are considered chemicals! According to the S Department of Agriculture (USDA), any substance that has undergone chemical changes as a result of natural biological processes remains natural. However, if a synthetic chemical was used to stimulate a reaction or create a substance, then its final product is not considered as natural.

Chemicals are not something you can avoid; in fact, some chemicals are beneficial when applied to your skin! The impact of chemicals on our health depends mainly on the compounds they are made of. Liht Organics’ full range of certified organic and natural makeup products are free of synthetic, harmful chemicals. Liht Organics is committed to swapping out synthetic, harmful chemicals for fully safe, organic and natural chemicals that are kind to both your skin and the wider environment.

Fully Vegan

Crushed bugs? Liquefied animal fat? As more consumers turn to fully vegan makeup brands, they may be in for a rude shock when they know that the traditional, non-vegan, organic and natural makeup products can contain such crude animal by-products. On the contrary, a fully vegan makeup product boast plant-based chemicals on its ingredients list. These makeup products in question do not contain even the slightest inch of matter obtained from an animal—living or dead—and its derivatives.

However, it is also important to recognize the fully vegan is not synonymous with organic and natural. Many beauty makeup brands can use synthetic, but not necessarily harmful, chemicals that are also vegan!

Organic vs. Natural

Organic and natural are two distinct terms in the world of natural beauty makeup brands. The former refers to ingredients derived from non-genetically modified plants that are grown without artificial pesticides, fertilizers or other synthetic, harmful chemicals. Certified organic ingredients in makeup products have to had been extracted and processed naturally.

On the other hand, a natural ingredient may be a plant, mineral or animal by-product. However, the term natural is so loosely governed that many natural beauty makeup brands can sell makeup products filled with natural, yet potentially harmful chemicals (e.g. petrolatum and mineral oil)! Despite all this, don’t let the scientific names of organic and natural ingredients bamboozle you into thinking that they are synthetic, harmful chemicals For example, inorganic iron oxides sound scary, but it is actually an organic and natural chemical. A little research will no doubt always clear any queries!

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