#IngredientSpotliht: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

Derived from the humble coconut, it’s easy to see why many women go coco-nuts over certified organic, natural and vegan Cocos Nucifera Oil! Not only does it smell like summer, it is also one of the few organic ingredients classified as an edible beauty “superfood”!

Read more in this #IngredientSpotliht on how certified organic, natural and vegan Cocos Nucifera Oil is your ultimate edible beauty “superfood” that is super good for the hair, skin and more!


Due to its unique fatty acid structure and low molecular weight, certified organic, natural and vegan Cocos Nucifera Oil penetrates the hair shaft to deliver deep hydration faster. It also has a high concentration of lauric acid (>50%) — a type of saturated fatty acid — with proven antimicrobial properties (Nakatsuji, T et al. 2009) to significantly reduce levels of harmful bacteria that can exacerbate hair loss and damage (Rele, AS & Mohile, RB 2009). All this results in naturally healthier, more luscious locks you’ll love!


It’s no secret why women with flawless complexions love Cocos Nucifera Oil. It has a plethora of natural beauty benefits and is safe for even the most sensitive skin conditions, such as those looking for ways on how to treat eczema. A study examining the effect of Cocos Nucifera Oil and Olea Europea (Olive) Oil in 52 adults with eczema found that the former was slightly better at reducing dryness and soothing flare-ups. Interestingly, it even outperformed non- organic, and harmful chemicals such as mineral oil by 68% in providing soothing hydration for eczema. This cements Cocos Nucifera Oil’s reputation as an all-natural skincare solution for how to treat eczema on the skin and more!


Oil pulling is an age-old practice that involves swishing natural Cocos Nucifera Oil in your mouth. It may not make your teeth ten shades pearlier white, but it can naturally improve your oral and overall health.
In fact, one study (Kaushik, M et al. 2016) found that organic, natural and vegan Cocos Nucifera Oil is more effective than Chlorhexidine — a non-organic, harmful chemical found in traditional mouthwashes — in “pulling” out harmful bacteria strains (e.g. Streptococcus mutans) from participants’ mouths. This is particularly noteworthy as S. mutans accelerates harmful bacteria build-up and tooth decay, preventing you from having the healthier smile that you deserve!

We hope you’ve learnt more about the natural beautifying benefits of certified organic, natural and vegan Cocos Nucifera Oil! It is a potent organic ingredient with no harmful chemicals that can be found in several of our gluten and cruelty-free makeup products, too.

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