4 Organic and Natural Tips to Rock Glazed, Glittery Lip Makeup

As the air gets colder and we hear the satisfying crunch of dried leaves beneath our feet outside, it’s time to experiment with fun makeup trends such as glazed, glittery lip makeup!

In fact, when applied and worn in moderation, glazed, glittery lip makeup can add interesting depth to the usual lip makeup looks. But since glitter easily settles into the natural fine lines of the lips, it’s crucial to prepare your lip canvas well for this coming fall/winter season!

Get outside your comfort zone with our top 4 organic and natural tips to rock glittery, glazed lip makeup! 

1. Prep and prime your puckers!

Glitter isn’t particularly hydrating, so you’ll need to prep and prime your puckers for long-lasting lip makeup. Glitter will only stick well onto smooth, well-hydrated puckers, so let’s start off with a smooth base. Do a gentle exfoliation with one of these DIY organic and natural coconut oil lip scrubs, then swipe on a sheer layer of Liht OrganicsMoisture Burst Lip Glaze our shimmer-finish organic lip gloss with shades made of natural, wearable glitter!

Do you crave an almost holographic glaze? Try starting off your lip makeup with the Moisture Burst Lip Glaze in the shade Pink Cupcake It’s a multi-dimensional shade that will surely dazzle everyone from any angle!

2. Layer on more glitter if you want!

If you still feel like you haven’t reached lip-smacking levels of glazed, glittery goodness, you can layer on more glitter if you want! The sheer layer of the Moisture Burst Lip Glaze before would have prepped your lips really well for the glitter, as shinier and glossier lip makeup helps glitter to adhere better.

This time, go big! Dip a thin-tipped lip makeup brush into natural, makeup-grade glitter and tap onto your lips. If the effect isn’t sparkly enough, gently press in bigger particles of glitter with your fingertips until you’re satisfied with the result.

3. Set down the glitter with some powder!

Congratulations! If you’ve followed the previous two steps closely, you now have fabulous glittery lip makeup! Set down the glitter with some powder at the outer corner of your lips. This locks the lip makeup in, so it doesn’t melt away at the slight sip of your cocktail!

Pro tip:
To ensure your glazed, glittery lip makeup last those extra few hours, sip all drinks through a straw and avoid greasy foods.

4. Say your glittery goodbyes the organic and natural way!

The easiest way to try and remove glazed, glittery lip makeup? Generous handfuls of fully vegan, organic and natural coconut oil, and a soft, warm towel! Massage some natural coconut oil gently into your lips, taking care that no chunks of glitter wash away and clog your sink. Repeat this process until all the glazed, glittery lip makeup is fully removed. Use the soft, warm towel to wipe off excess coconut oil and voila — you’re done!

Your lips should feel dewy and moisturised right away. Follow up with an organic and natural lip balm for extra tender loving care after all the glittery fun you’ve had! 

    Now that you’ve read our top 4 organic and natural tips to rock glazed, glittery lip makeup, you can wear Moisture Burst Lip Glaze alone, or mix it up to be as dazzling as you’d like. We hope you’ll love this coconut-oil infused, fully vegan, organic and natural lip makeup formulation as much as we do!

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