4 Organic and Natural Ways to Transition Your Makeup from Summer to Fall

As sad as we are to see sun-dipped days sipping on frozen rosé melt away, we can’t help but fall hard for fall!

There is so much to get excited about in the new season: full coverage base makeup, rich jewel tones for the eye makeup, lips & cheeks, as well as even fun trends like glazed, glittery lip makeup!

However, you don’t have to necessarily buy entirely new makeup — you can make some small tweaks to maximise your current summer makeup rotation. If you’re unsure of how to get started, read on for our top 5 organic and natural ways to transition your makeup from summer to fall!

1. Go for full coverage and full glow!

Often during the summer, when we’ve copped an organic and natural tan, we tend to enhance it with less coverage and full glow for our base makeup. The reverse can be said for fall; however, try going full coverage while maintaining the full glow! To achieve an organic and natural dewy radiance while keeping skin hydrated for the colder months, mix in a drop or two of an organic and natural skincare oil or makeup product (e.g. highlighter) into our fully vegan, organic and natural Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation. Our award-winning Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation provides lovely buildable coverage, and its key ingredient, Aloe Barbadensis, will nourish and protect to leave skin looking radiant and dewy all day! 

2. Pick richer eye makeup, lips & cheeks color palettes that suit your skin tone!

If you are looking to inject rich jewel tones into your fall makeup, determining the right shades that work for your skin tone is essential. For skin tones with a base that leans on the pinkish side, go for cooler deep plums and berries makeup Deeper skin tones with a yellowish or olive base (or even a beautiful mix of both!) will suit warmer eye makeup, lips & cheeks colors: think more browns and earth tones instead. On the other hand, skin tones with a neutral vein will suit both cool and warm colors!

Now, to enable you to better visualise how all these rich colors look like, here are our top lips & cheeks makeup recommendations for every skin tone:

Cool: Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick in Sangria
Warm: Moisture Burst Lip Glaze in Roasted Cherry
Neutral: Try out our recommendations above; if you’re feeling experimental, we encourage you to rock our Moisture Burst Lip Glaze in Pink Cupcake a trendy, glittery purplish-pink lip makeup color you’ll love!

3. Choose blush over bronzer!

You’ve probably been rocking a generous sweeping of bronzer to enhance your tan all summer long. As we transition into fall, however, it’s time to switch up to more warm-toned blushes. Yes, you heard us right — out with the bronzer, and in with the rich brown and berry mauves for lips & cheeks shades! Such earthy tones will impart the perfect fall vibes to all your makeup looks.

Tip: While we excitedly await the upcoming launch of our vegan and organic Sheer Radiance Blush, we recommend trying out our favorite natural beauty hack: doubling up a lip makeup product as blush. Simply dab a lips & cheeks shade such as the Moisture Burst Lip Glaze in Roasted Cherry or the Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick in Strawberry Smoothie on the apples of your cheeks and your lips & cheeks makeup to be a blushing natural beauty!

4. Double up on hydration and more hydration!

Good skin and makeup days start from within, so it’s important to keep up your hydration levels even as the days get colder. Drink lots of water and choose fully vegan, organic and naturally derived makeup ingredients that deeply hydrate with no harmful chemicals. Get your very own Liht today and you’ll soon discover the various skin-loving ingredients and all their benefits packed in our Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation, Moisture Burst Lip Glaze, and Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick —think organic and vegan coconut oil, shea butter and more!

This fall, fall in love with fully vegan, organic and natural makeup collection at Liht Organics! We are a highly recommended organic makeup brand committed to providing you with the best cruelty and gluten-free makeup alternatives. Our fully vegan, organic and natural makeup boasts a clean, hypoallergenic ingredient list with ZERO nanoparticles, ZERO parabens and no harmful chemicals that is unsafe for sensitive skin.

Check out our fully vegan, organic and natural makeup collection here now.

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