#IngredientSpotliht: Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Powder

With the arrival of fall, our lives will be fuelled by mostly pumpkin spice lattes and…coffee!

Derived from coffea arabica powder, coffee is a ‘wonder drink’ that can boost overall health when consumed in moderation. However, topical application also infuses a healthy dose of natural beauty benefits for skin and surprisingly, even eye health!

If we’ve piqued your interest, then you’re going to absolutely love this month’s #IngredientSpotliht. Read on to know more about organic and vegan coffea arabica powder and its 4 natural beauty benefits for skin and eye health!

1. It can help to promote blood circulation.

Organic and vegan coffea arabica powder contains no harmful chemicals, and only the best naturally derived antioxidants. In particular, it contains compounds such as hydroxycinnamic acid that is one of the four most active natural antioxidants in coffee. Alongside 3-Caffeoylquinic, 4-Caffeoylquinic and 5-Caffeoylquinic acids, it contributes to the high levels of caffeine in coffee that has been proven to naturally promote blood circulation. This results in healthier and more energised skin, effectively reducing the swelling of tissues and any puffiness around the delicate eye area!

2. It can help to soothe inflammation.

Have your non-vegan, organic and natural eye makeup caused an uncomfortable stinging sensation one too many times? This is due to the presence of formaldehyde, tar coloring and more inflammatory, harmful chemicals in non-vegan, organic and natural eye makeup.

On the other hand, organic and vegan coffea arabica powder is one of the best hypoallergenic makeup, anti-inflammatory and edible beauty ingredients! In fact, according to research conducted by Harvard Medical School, coffee contains potent anti-inflammatory polyphenols and other organic and vegan compounds too. Regardless, you can rest assured that they are both non-harmful chemicals in organic, natural and fully vegan eye makeup that will not cause any irritation to the skin around the eye area, even after you have washed it away for the day!

3. It can provide low to moderate protection from damaging sun rays!

With the latest technological advancements, women are starting to apply sun-protecting natural skincare and makeup on unexpected areas like the scalp. However, what about the single strands of hair on your fluttery lashes?
With regular topical application, the high caffeine levels in organic and vegan coffea arabica powder can also provide low to moderate protection from damaging sun rays, as well as other external stressors. It strengthens your eyelashes’ resilience with no harmful chemicals, making them healthier over time too!

4. It can help make the skin smoother and brighter!

In its powdered form, coffea arabica is also a ‘wonder drink’ for the skin, particularly around the delicate eye area. It contains naturally stimulating properties that signal tissue repair and regulate cell re-growth, increasing hydration, collagen levels and skin elasticity. This results in smoother, brighter and more well-rested skin, something we would all love for the overall health of your skin around the delicate eye area and more! 

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