3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Talc-Free, Organic and Natural Makeup

Let’s talk about talc.

Talc lurks on the non-hypoallergenic ingredient lists of non-vegan, organic and natural makeup, particularly powders. It has been shrouded in controversy ever since a woman reportedly passed away from cancer after prolonged exposure to the harmful chemical.

While World Cancer Day (4 Feb) has passed, we still want to take a moment to remember why we choose to formulate talc-free fully vegan, organic and natural makeup at Liht Organics. It’s because will always choose not to take the slightest risk to your health safety, so here’s more on 3 reasons to love our talc-free fully vegan, organic and natural makeup!

1. It contains ZERO asbestos!

Ah…asbestos? If you’re not sure what it is, asbestos ends up in non- organic and natural makeup because of poor regulations involving talc. This is because asbestos and talc are both minerals that form together, so this means that even cosmetic talc may be contaminated with unregulated levels of asbestos — a possible cause of certain cancers (e.g. ovarian, lung) and mesothelioma!

Keep informed! Talc lurks even on the ingredient list of skincare and makeup from purportedly fully vegan, organic and natural makeup brands. It can pass off under the following names too:  

  • Talcum
  • Magnesium silicate.

2. It makes for some of the safest, best pregnancy makeup products!

The chemicals we apply on to our skin are easily absorbed into the bloodstream, and these include harmful chemicals like talc in non-vegan, organic and natural makeup. As mentioned previously, talc brings unregulated levels of potentially carcinogenic, harmful chemical asbestos with it, and this is not good news for a foetus that receives most of its essential nutrients for growth via its pregnant mum’s

What’s more, some pregnant women may experience heightened sensitivity and itching around the lip & eye area. Unsafe pregnancy makeup products containing talc such as non-organic eye makeup, lips & cheeks makeup is not safe for sensitive skin and can provoke irritation and cause discomfort! This is unfortunate, as all of this could be easily avoided with the use of talc-free fully vegan, organic and natural makeup instead!  

3. It imparts a natural beauty glow!

Unlike mica and other gentler natural minerals, talc can swoop in to soak up all the excess moisture for a more matte look. However, this can damage the natural beauty moisture barrier. It is also not safe for sensitive skin and those looking for how to treat eczema as it can exacerbate existing dryness and trigger other adverse reactions. This is not good news, especially during a time as cold as this!

Good news! At Liht Organics, we choose to use mica, as well as certified organic and natural oryza sativa (rice) powder over talc! In doing so, our pregnancy makeup in Singapore go onto the skin in an ultra-soft, velvety way and also provide skincare benefits for pregnant ladies!

Swoon over some of the best vegan, organic and natural makeup from Liht Organics! We are an award-winning organic makeup brand with cruelty free, vegan, organic and natural skincare-infused beauty products.

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