3 Tips for Achieving Fuller BB Cream Coverage

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s or Gal-entine’s Day, one thing’s for sure — every woman wants flawless, yet organic and natural makeup that glows under the candlelight!

Customizable coverage is the name of the game with our fully vegan, and natural Anti-Aging BB Cream! For lighter, natural makeup coverage that allows your perfect imperfections to peek through, it can be worn on its own; however, the coverage can also be easily built up for a fresh, yet flawless complexion that allows you to shine in your #Liht all night!

We’ve got you covered, so read on for our top 3 organic and natural makeup tips for fuller BB cream coverage!

1. Layer a tinted primer underneath!

Smooth on a layer of a fully vegan, organic and naturally tinted primer to prime your skin. Compared to non-tinted versions, tinted primers will help to correct uneven skin tone with a sheer wash of color, all prepped for our fully vegan, organic and natural Anti-Aging BB Cream with no harmful chemicals to bring it up a few more notches in makeup coverage department!

Pro tip: If you’re planning to go on a day date, choose a tinted one with organic and natural sun-protecting properties instead as it will provide a boost in defense
against the harsh rays.

2. Mix a fully vegan, organic and natural concealer in!

If you’re craving even more coverage from our fully vegan, organic and natural Anti-Aging BB Cream with a hypoallergenic ingredient list, don’t fret! Many women who apply concealer on top separately may find that the extra steps and unnecessary movement tends to compromise on coverage. Instead, cut the steps and crank up the coverage by mixing a pinch of organic and natural concealer with no harmful chemicals (such as our Flawless Face Concealer) into the Anti-Aging BB Cream! This will help to increase the opacity of the Anti-Aging BB Cream and impart a natural skin-looking, semi-matte finish with medium coverage.

Psst! This will also save you valuable time to carefully pick your outfit!

3. Choose an organic and vegan makeup brush made of non-natural hair!

The secret lies in the tools of the trade: using a wet sponge or fingers to blend out our fully vegan, organic and natural Anti-Aging BB Cream offers up a dewy and naturally lighter coverage, while buffing it in with a denser, vegan makeup brush made of non-natural hair will result in higher coverage! The brush bristles will also absorb less of the makeup product, allowing even the sheerest layer or two of our fully vegan and natural Anti-Aging BB Cream to last longer! 

Did you know? Such synthetic vegan makeup brushes also are typically cruelty free, hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin to use.

This Valentine’s Day and every day, fall in love with the best vegan, organic and natural makeup from Liht Organics! We are an award-winning organic makeup brand of cruelty free, vegan, organic and natural skincare-infused beauty products.

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