#IngredientSpotliht: What is Dimethicone?

There are a lot of myths surrounding the use of dimethicone in the fully vegan, organic and natural beauty world, particularly for  vegan makeup and vegan skincare.

You’ll find views towards its use in organic and natural makeup incredibly polarizing — there are plenty of arguments on how it clogs pores and causes acne, as well as others that state the exact opposite in equal measure.

In this #IngredientSpotliht, we’re putting an end to it all by debunking 3 myths about dimethicone in fully vegan, organic and natural makeup!

1. Myth #1: It is highly comodogenic.

As a silicon also known as polydimethylsiloxane (or PDMS), dimethicone in fully vegan, organic and natural makeup glides over the skin and makes it feel incredibly silky when applied. In turn, however, this has also misled many women into believing that is highly comodogenic, even though it is rated 1 out of 5 in the Science of Cosmetic Chemists journal! Dimethicone will not lead to breakouts as long as it is thoroughly cleansed with natural skincare products after a long day!

2. Myth #2: It doesn’t allow the skin to “breathe” properly.

Dimethicone is found in certain vegan, organic and natural beauty products, particularly base makeup such as our Anti-Aging BB Cream. It is an occlusive that forms a water-resistant film over the skin. This film has been frequently mistaken to violate the exchange of air tissues, making it feel like the skin can’t “breathe” properly.

Then, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that such a physical barrier can protect the skin against external irritants and transepidermal water loss (TEWL)! When left unregulated, TEWL can aggravate a variety of dry and inflamed skin In fact, dimethicone in fully vegan, organic and natural makeup formulas can help to prevent TEWL, as well as enhance its performance, pigmentation and consistency!

3. Myth # 3: It causes acne.

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth! Unlike harmful chemicals like paraffin and mineral oil, dimethicone in fully vegan, organic and natural makeup is a non-comedogenic silicon. Fortunately, such non-comodogenic silicones don’t contribute to the development of follicular keratosis – where the hair bulbs on the skin are clogged. Instead, it gives your skin the magical touch of health only found in fully vegan, organic and natural makeup formulas!

Among many others in its hypoallergenic ingredient list, dimethicone in our fully natural Anti-Aging BB Cream is what makes it feel so smooth to the touch on your skin. Try it today — we guarantee it’ll be your next favourite everyday makeup product!

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