Work(out) From Home – Tips from FUNFIT

With the Circuit Breaker in place, most of us have regulated our workout routines at home. If you want to make your workouts more effective, here are 4 key points to take note of courtesy of our brand collaboration partner in June – FUNFIT !

1.         Schedule your routine

Work can be overwhelming at times. You spend most of your time sitting at your desk facing your computer. But you should make it a point to stay active no matter how busy you can be.

Having an exercise routine is your first step towards a healthier body! Tell yourself you have to do it, and do it for yourself.

But don’t rush through your routine and take time to enjoy your workout to the fullest!

2.         Warm Up

Warming up is a way of preparing your body for exercise and not a waste of time! Resist the temptation to skip your warm up the next time you exercise, as it not only reduces the likelihood of acute injuries, it also boosts your performance in your workout.

3.         Know what exercises to do

Remember that you should exercise your entire body, instead of only specific parts like your arms or abs if you want a healthy body!

Try incorporating some of these exercises such as push-ups, mountain climbers, burpees, jumping jacks or lunges to cover different muscle groups of your body. And always ensure that your body is in the correct form during your workouts so that you work your muscles efficiently and not injure yourself!

4.         Know when to rest

Resting can be productive too!

Regular and adequate rest is vital for your body to recover. And did you know that over-exercising can lead to health problems too?

Without proper rest time for your body to recover from your workouts, it can lead to decreased performance, fatigue, poor sleeping patterns, decreased immunity and loss of appetite!


Born in the sunny island of Singapore, FUNFIT has been providing comfortable swim and activewear for over 20 years.

They’re here to support you on your fitness journey – whether you’re just starting out or struggling to keep up with a consistent workout routine. They want you to have fun along the way!

You are your own kind of beautiful, regardless of your body shape or size. FUNFIT loves you just the way you are! And this reflects in the sizes they offer, which goes up to 5XL for classic styles. They also understand that not everyone feels comfortable baring it all, and some of their bestsellers include tankinis and boyshorts which covers up a little more, and rash guards which protects your skin while staying conservative.