[FEATURE] SINGAPORE MOTHERHOOD – The Best Organic and Natural Skincare and Makeup for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mums in Singapore

Pregnancy is a hormone-volatile period for women. One place where this makes itself seen and felt is on the skin. Some women go through their nine months with nary a mark; glowing through the 40 weeks of gestation like fertility goddesses. For others, excessive sebum production, acne, pigmentation, and stretch marks make pregnancy a ‘can-I-wear-a-paperbag-over-my-head’ season.

The hormonal imbalance takes a while to settle even after giving birth, and especially if you are breastfeeding. Moreover, if you are like me, you probably live in fear of passing chemicals from your skin, to your little one. Consider switching to these clean, natural, organic makeup brands then. They’re all available in Singapore, and can be bought online.

Liht Organics 

Short for “Living In Her Time”, Liht (pronounced “light”) Organics is a homegrown organic makeup brand which formulates cruelty-free, chemical-free cosmetics. Every product is safe to use throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, founder Nerissa Low tells us, including its fan-fave, the Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation. If you follow @SingaporeMotherhood on Instagram you may have seen our IGS on the Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner. This 100% smudge-proof and waterproof formula removes easily with warm water! Finally, there’s no need to forsake lippy just because you can’t stop raining kisses on your precious. The Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick uses coconut oil and shea butter so you’ll be doing no harm to Baby when you exchange kisses and snuggles! 

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