I’m a huge fan of makeup and I love testing out new products so I was pretty excited to get my hands on Liht Organics. Pronounced “Light“, Liht is short for Living In Her Time. The homegrown brand by founder Nerissa Low was set up with an aim to empower women through cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly makeup. Liht Organics also prides itself as an organic makeup brand with products safe enough to eat! Pretty cool, I must say. The vegan and cruelty-free products contain up to 90% certified organic ingredients and regular use is said to be beneficial to the body and complexion.

My skin type has been complicated, I’ve struggled with oily and acne-prone skin as a teen but as I grew up, my combination skin was a mix of oily and dry so I often opt for oil-free makeup products meant for sensitive skin. Personally, I don’t like wearing full-coverage foundation so most of the foundation I buy are usually on the liquid side with a light to medium coverage. I would always compete my look with falsies, eyeliner and a nice lipstick shade. That being said, I’m trying out four products today; Liht Organics’ foundation, eyeliner, foundation brush and liquid lipstick. Let’s see how this pan out!

Here I am without any makeup! I would say my problem area would be my eye bags and the undertones of my skin- I do have pink undertones so I can’t use peachy products because those just amplify the redness and makes my face look pink. Also, please don’t mind the eyebrows (currently healing from eyebrow embroidery) or the fact that I took a photo in my kitchen because it is the only place with good natural lighting.

#1 Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation (20ml)

Key ingredients in this award-winning product that is said to help heal the skin include aloe barbadensis and rosemary extract. Retailing at 58 USD (roughly S$80), this product is pricier than your average drugstore product, and is on par with foundations from Sephora.

The packaging sleek and the fact that it’s a pump foundation is a huge plus for me. Consistency-wise, this product feels quite lightweight so I expected it to have a light-medium coverage but I was pleasantly surprised to find that one pump was enough to cover my whole face! There’s a scent to the product so fair warning if you’re sensitive to smells! It’s not an overpowering scent for me but it reminded me of a baked dessert.

#2 Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick (6ml)

Did anyone else remember a period in 2018 where liquid lipsticks were the rage? Specifically matte liquid lipsticks from celebrity brands like Kylie Cosmetics. I used to be a huge fan of matte liquid lipsticks but overtime I found that they dried my lips and I was often left with chapped lips so I made the switch to tinted lip balms and lipsticks with a glossy finish.

Fortunately, this product (US$58, or ~S$48) has shea butter and coconut oil to keep lips hydrated. I got the shade Intense, a deep purple that’s more on the warm side. The product has a glossy finish without being too sticky but I had to use two layers to build the color since the shade I got was on the deep side.

On the lips, it glided on smoothly and felt quite lightweight for me. I would recommend dabbing your lips after application to remove excess lip product. It’s not transfer-proof so I do recommend making sure you apply your lipstick carefully to avoid any product on your teeth!

#3 Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner (6.5ml)

Right off the bat, I have to say that I am not a fan of the brush and tube application. I’m not the best at drawing my liner with these types of liners and I almost always just purchase the pen liners. The Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner was however easy to apply because of the design of the packaging. I found that my hands felt a lot more steady when I was drawing my liner but the ends were not as sharp as I wanted it to be so I had to use a q-tip to sharpen the line. I do like the intensity of the liner and it is quite smudge-proof.

Removing it was easy; I tested it out with a water-based makeup remover and the liner glided off pretty easily. For US$35 (~S$50), I would unfortunately opt to buy a pen liner instead since that is my go-to type of product.

#4 Travel Foundation Brush

This sleek foundation brush features an ergonomic design that is not small enough to fit a makeup pouch but allows for flawless blending. I really love how the brush felt on my fingers! I’m a beauty blender sort of girl so it took some time to get used to a brush. I think if you’re a beginner to makeup, you’ll want to spend extra time buffing out your foundation because it can get a little streaky if you are not careful. Looking at their social media page, this product seems to be a free item when you make your first purchase!

While I would have preferred a beauty blender for my usual makeup routine, this brush does the job with minimal streaking!

Overall Look:

Overall, I love the fact that this brand is vegan, cruelty-free and made up of mostly organic ingredients but the prices are a little steep for me.

I think out of all the products I tried, I liked their foundation the best. See how nicely it blended in? One layer was more than enough for me, and I didn’t have to apply any concealer under my eyes – something that I usually have to do with other brands. I think their lip products are promising, and I would probably opt for a lighter color for a more wearable look.

If you’re interested in the Liht Organics products I tried, do check out their full range of cosmetics available here.

Disclaimer: Products were sent by Liht Organics but this review is not sponsored. Opinions expressed in this review are solely the writer’s and do not necessarily express that of The Female Culture.

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