Winding Down 2020

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least, most of what we had laid out for the year probably did not go as planned. It has been long and hectic in many ways – but as we enter the final quarter, it’s never to early to start taking stock of the year that has gone by so far, acknowledge the lessons, and look forward to a better new year ahead. Here are some ways we can do our year end reflection!

Celebrate the Wins – no matter how small

A win is a win – no matter how small. We often reflect on big wins –  a promotion, a marriage, travelling to your dream destination and so on. However, we find that the true and sustainable way to reflect on your accomplishments is also to acknowledge the “smaller’ wins – spending more time with family, taking time to exercise every day, cutting out bad eating habits etc.

Reflect: What was a big win you accomplished? Was there any small wins that made you extremely happy?

Stretch: What was an unexpected win this year? Something you did not plan for, or a new experience/skill you acquired along the way?

How much Growth have you attained this year?

Growth is attained when we take a step outside of our comfort zone and, this year especially, many of us would have attained growth of a certain kind. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, perhaps even Spiritually?

Reflect: How have I challenged myself outside of my comfort zone? When put in a position of discomfort outside my comfort zone, how well did I go with the flow and embrace the experience?

Stretch: How have I done to expand my comfort zone and keep stepping outsie of it, so I can constantly achieve more growth?

What were the Opportunities that arose from challenges this year?

No doubt, most of us have gone through some level of hardship this year. Through these difficult times of struggle, we have all experienced a sense of loss or failure. However, we can make the most of a bad situation and turn it into an opportunity to learn and grow. Without focusing on the losses, reflect instead on what were some of the opportunities that these challenging situations have brought with them.

Reflect: What did this challenging experience teach me about myself? What new doors were opened when the others were shut, and what were the unforeseen opportunities that I gained from it?

Stretch: How did I turn my hardship/failures into a learning experience, and how can I pass these lessons on to someone who could be going through the same thing?

What will you be bringing into the new year? (And what will you let go of?)

Lastly, Every experience we have is to teach us something we need to learn – about ourselves, about our lives, or even about someone else – and once that lesson has been learned, we do not need to carry it with us anymore. As with all fresh starts – you can choose the lessons and experiences that you wish to bring into the new year with you. As for the rest, thank them, and let them go.

Reflect: What are the lessons and experiences that I wish to make a part of who I am, and take with me into the new year? Which are the lessons and experiences I want to commit to letting go of as they do not serve me anymore?

Stretch: What are some of the experiences that no longer serve me and I can let go off in order to make room for new learning experiences?

Positive Affirmations

To wrap up, here are some affirmations you can incorporate into your reflection and even as a daily habit, to generate some positivity into whatever it is you plan for the year ahead:

I have all the answers within me

I choose kindness and compassion

I am surrounded by those who support me