2021 – Your Best Year Yet!

The start of the new year always brings about the opportunity to clear the slate and start on a fresh page – and with the way 2020 went for most of us, we all couldn’t embrace the idea of a fresh start any sooner!

This year, why not take matters into your own hands and craft the life you desire and deserve? You survived the past year and have come out stronger for it, and there’s no better time to set some intentions for yourself – of healing, of achieving dreams, and of becoming a stronger, better version of yourself! Here are some ways you can make 2021 your best year yet!

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Meditation or Yoga

While it is the new year, we are still getting a grasp of the new ‘normal’. Across the globe, some of us still find ourselves in lockdown, many of us still sit at the desk for hours on end – the bane of working from home, and pretty much all of us still long to travel for a much needed vacation.

Where we find ourselves confined in spaces physically, there’s nothing to stop us from seeking some reprieve in our minds! Simple, no-frills activities like a morning meditations or a weekly yoga routine can do wonders in facilitating an escape from the claustrophobia and stresses of living in the time of a global pandemic.

All it takes is 10-20mins every day of a simple breathing exercise or a stretch on the mat, and you will learn to clear space in your mind, breathe more deeply, and find a sanctuary within yourself where you will be able to relax, let go, and be free!

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Manifestation Journal

Have you ever experienced moments where something you were wishing or looking for comes into your life without you actively making it happen, almost as a coincidence? Simple things like a parking space or a your schedule falling in place exactly how you wanted it to bigger things like a promotion or an unexpected cheque in your name? That is the power of manifestation! We like to think of manifestation as an energetic wish list – focusing all your attention and energy into something you desire, and letting the magic of manifestation do the rest.

If you’re looking to make changes, big or small, in your life this year and you’re not sure how you are going to achieve them, then a manifestation journal would be your best friend this year! Make it a daily habit to journal your inner most desires and dreams for yourself as if they’ve already happened, and adding emotions to them – how does it feel to get that promotion? What does your body feel like now that you have reached your ideal weight? Then, simply go about your days and let your desires manifest in your life.

Visualization can help, but there’s nothing more powerful than committing it on paper so you can have free reign to script out exactly how you want it to happen. If you’re new to the concept of manifestation, start with simple and believable intentions that are outside of your daily routine, and watch the magic unfold!

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Create a Vision Board

Time to get lost in Pinterest land and create vision boards for every aspect of your life! Visions boards are a great tool for those of us who are more visual so that we can actually SEE the life we dream for ourselves! It is basically a visual representation of your goals so you have something tangible to hold on to to keep you focused and committed!

When creating a vision board, don’t try to squeeze everything you’ve ever wanted into a poster sized board. Instead, begin with some reflections and streamline – what are the most important things to you in life right now? What do you want to focus all your efforts and energies on to achieving/attaining this year? Once you have a few aspects of your life and the dreams you want to achieve, it’s time to get creative!

Some people use writing or diagrams, while others prefer using pictures that portray their goals as close as possible to what they see in their heads. You could even use mixed media! This is really your chance to get as creative and connected to your visions – as you select the images or write the words, allow yourself to feel exactly how it would be like if you were already living the life! Attaching an emotion to the vision board creates one more layer of tangibility to your dreams – so that every time you look at it, you feel excited and recharged to commit to achieving them! Once you’re happy with your vision board, place it somewhere apparent and take time to look at it every day; each image one by one and feel the emotions you felt while you were creating it. As life changes its course for you throughout the year, feel free to update the images and visions so that your board remains as alive and dynamic as you are!

We hope these simple activities will help you get set on the path to  achieving the life you desire! All of us at Liht wish you the very BEST in 2021! May this year be your most fulfilling and most successful one yet!