In the SpotLiht – How To Conceal Effectively with Concealer?

Now that you’ve got your hands on our NEW! Flawless Face Concealer, are you wondering what’s the best way to use concealer to meet all your makeup needs?

The proper use of concealer could help to achieve a flawless and radiant complexion effortlessly. Use it without following some of these pro tips, and you could find yourself more frustrated than flawless. So don’t worry, we’ve got you! Read on to find out the top 3 pro tips when it comes to using concealer in your beauty routine!

  • For undereye circles

Contrary to popular practice, we recommend going in with a layer of liquid foundation before applying concealer! This helps to provide the first round of coverage to tone down any redness or discoloration, so the concealer can provide a more effective outcome.

Now here’s the key:  Use a concealer brush to apply your concealer starting from the inner corner of your eyes(instead of just under the eyes), in a triangular shape right down to the top of your cheeks – this helps to brighten up and counter any shadows that may be cast by your forehead. Don’t be afraid to apply more product so you can pat and blend it out with your fingers after, without removing any coverage.

  • For blemishes/pimples

Getting outbreaks from wearing your mask, or the change in weather? Fret not! Your concealer can be your best go-to product to hide these breakouts and blemishes!

Unlike with dark circles, when it comes to blemishes, we recommend applying concealer on those darned spots before foundation! When applying foundation, be sure to use a tapping motion instead of a drag so it does not remove the coverage. If those pesky pimples are still rearing their ugly heads after foundation, go in with a second application of concealer – applying it with a concealer brush on and around the pimple.

Lastly, you know it! Set with with powder to lock in the coverage!

  • For redness

Sometimes, foundation is not enough and concealers can provide a boost of coverage for areas we experience redness. Most common areas of redness include the forhead, the chin and especially around the nose.

To prep, moisturize your skin to prevent dryness and flaking  so your concealer can sit better on your skin. Apply your foundation, and build coverage using a cream based concealer in the areas with redness.  

The final key is to set your concealer with a loose, translucent powder to lock in the coverage! To avoid caking and streaking, the golden rule is: creams before powders – so once you’ve set with powder, no more concealer after!

Try these tips out and we’re sure your concealer can go the extra mile for you! Watch this space for more pro-tips, or let us know if you have any specific concerns you would like tips on!