Tips & Tricks for How to Treat Maskne

The Covid-19 pandemic has added new vocabulary to our lives like ‘Work From Home’, ‘Social Distancing’ and of course, ‘Maskne. While most of us have gotten used to wearing a face mask, maskne is still a problem many of us struggle with!

Redness and pimples forming around the nose and chin area due to humidity and dampness from our breath being trapped along with dirt from under our masks has caused unnecessary skin troubles. But, who says keeping safe and masking up has to be a frustrating affair? Here are some tips on how to treat and prevent a maskne breakout!

Why does Maskne Happen?

Hands up if you’ve noticed your skin breaking out more than usual since having to wear face masks every day for prolonged hours. Same here! There are many possible reasons why some of us suffer from a mask-related acne outbreak – such as skin type, mask material, poor skin care practices etc.

On a regular day, our skin is exposed to environmental pollution in the form of dirt and bacteria, and these get mixed in along with our natural sebum and dead skin cells, building up layers of debris which can clog the pores.

When you wear a mask, this build up on your skin is further aggravated by the constant abrasion of the mask on your skin as well as the humidity from your breath. Bacteria thrives in moist, damp conditions so the result? Chaffed, sensitive skin with pores clogged by bacteria for an extended period of time – erupting in an acne outbreak!

Other factors that contribute to maskne include your skin’s sensitivity to certain mask materials, the detergent you use to wash your reusable masks and the number of hours you have your mask on!

How to Treat and Prevent Maskne

Now that you know the potential causes, here are some ways we can prevent a maskne outbreak while we keep ourselves safe during these times:

  • Never re-use a paper mask

If you wear a paper/surgical masks, remember that the dirt and bacteria trapped in a paper mask after a whole day of wearing it will stay in the filters of the mask.  Therefore, always dispose of your mask at the end of the day and wear a fresh one the next day.

  • Wash Your Masks With A Gentle Cleanser

If you’re wearing a reusable mask, the detergent you’re using to wash it may be irritating to your skin, especially if you’re sensitive to fragrance. Instead, opt for a gentle anti-bacterial cleanser that is free of sulphates and fragrances.

  • Try Different Mask Fabrics

Contact dermatitis commonly happens if your skin is allergic to the material of your mask. If you start to notice redness or irritation, it’s worth switching out your mask for another material. Especially for prolonged wear, making sure your mask is made of a gentle and non-abrasive material can help to limit the amount of chaffing on your skin. Try cotton masks for a smooth and breathable option!

  • Adopt A Thorough Skin Care Routine

Skin care has never been more important now that we have to wear a mask. Ensuring you adopt a thorough skin care routine for morning and night will aid to keep your skin free of built up impurities, and relieve it from sensitivity due to the friction caused by your mask.

Before wearing your mask, protect your skin by applying a layer of moisturiser and some powder so that the top layer of your skin is protected. At the end of the day, be sure to remove any makeup thoroughly and wash your face with a gentle cleanser. On a weekly basis, pamper the skin around your chin and nose with a clay mask to extract impurities, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh!

  • Opt for Clean Beauty

Maskne shouldn’t put you off your beauty routine! Instead, this is the perfect time to make a switch to clean beauty! Opt for brands that provide makeup formulas (especially for foundations and powders) that are 100% natural and free of harmful chemicals, to give your skin the very best it deserves!

At Liht, we have just the products to prevent maskne! Our products are 100% natural and made with up to 90% USDA-certified organic ingredients. Our Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation is our go-to foundation chock full of skin-loving, natural ingredients like aloe barbadensis and rosemary extract that heal your skin to prevent breakouts and ‘maskne’ flare-ups. This foundation works hand-in-hand with our Flawless Face Concealer made with castor oil and jojoba oil to treat any nasty pimples, and heal as it conceals!