Achieving Radiant Summer Skin With Liht

Summer is almost over but it’s never too late to get that radiant summer glow to your skin! Here are 3 easy steps to help you achieve goddess-level glow the rest of this hot season!

Stay Hydrated!

The most important part of achieving radiant skin is keeping it protected, well moisturized, and having a proper beauty regime. First and foremost, you must stay hydrated ladies! The benefits of water for your skin are innumerable and can do wonders in revitalizing your complexion, especially in this heat. We know, the taste of water can be quite bland compared to soda for example, so a great way to add some flavor to your water is to use fruits or herbs as an infusion. Try cucumber and lemon-infused water for the summer to keep cool and refreshed!

Skincare is Key

The next step is to give your skin some extra TLC, especially if you’re going to be out in the sun. Be diligent in your skincare regime and make sure to keep your skin free of the impurities like oils and dirt caused by perspiration, which can clog and build up in the pores to form blackheads.

Once a week, pamper your skin with a DIY cooling mask made of Yoghurt and Cucumber to help calm and soothe it from sun damage and environmental stress. You may find that you skin feels oilier in the summer, so be sure to cleanse well and indulge in a Kaolin clay mask once in a while to help extract and absorb impurities from the skin. You may also which to switch out your heavier face creams with lighter gel types for a more breathable result and never leave the house without SPF!

Summer-Proof Your Makeup

Applying makeup in summers is tricky, but it does not have to be when you have these pro tips in mind!

Heat-proof Base Makeup

To achieve that radiant glow without the risk of your makeup melting away, opt for gel based formulas which are more light weight when applying foundation! This will help your makeup stay better through the heat and humidity, and won’t cause your skin to feel suffocated especially when you’re outdoors.

Our Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation is made with an Aloe Barbadensis base, which nourishes and protects your skin from sun damage while also keeping it dewy and supple to the touch. If you prefer an even more natural finish, our Flawless Face Concealer has got you covered (literally). Simply apply in the areas you need coverage to neutralize redness and voila! Flawless, radiant complexion for hours!

Get Your Tan On

Even though it’s summer and the temptation to be out by the beach all day is understood, staying too long in the sun will do your skin more harm than good. To create that goddess-glow result without harming your skin, we recommend using our Sheer radiance Blush in ‘Waterlily’ or ‘Peach Tulip’ as a bronzer and finish with “Cherry Blossom” to give a natural flush to your complexion!

Play Up The Peepers

Bring the attention to your eyes by giving it lustrous, intense definition that stays put all day! Liht’s Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner is just the thing for that! 100% smudge proof and waterproof, you can now frolic at the beach or the pool without worrying about panda eyes!

Express Yourself With Color

Lastly, include the color palette of summer in your look and express your mood with our Moisture Burst Lip Glazes. Nourishing to the lips and delivering a comfortable glossy texture without the stickiness, we recommend playing things up with a bright orange shade like Grapefruit Sorbet or an electric violet like Pink Cupcake!