New To Makeup? 4 Simple Makeup Tips All Beginners Should Know.

New to the world of makeup? Wondering how and where to get started with all the overwhelming information? Not to worry. Here is a simple guide with special tips from our beauty experts to help you get started!

Know Your Skin Type

Before you dive into picking out products, first and foremost, you should figure out what your skin type is. Why so? To ensure that the makeup products you choose will be suitable for your skin – after all our skin is the canvas upon which we will be applying all our makeup products!

If you have a dry skin type, you will likely need to opt for more moisturizing formulas, as compared to someone with an oiler skin type who will need something less rich. For those with sensitive skin, you also need to look out for chemicals commonly found in makeup products that tend to cause irritation like alcohol.

Prep Your Face Before Makeup

One of the most important steps of flawless makeup application that beginners tend to miss out on is this – prepping your skin. Without proper preparation, you could end up with patchy or cakey makeup that wears off within a few hours.

How should you go about prepping? Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Cleanse your face of impurities.
  • Use a toner to soften your skin and get it ready to absorb the goodies into your skin
  • Put on an even layer of moisturizer.
  • Apply a thin layer of primer as a base to create a smooth canvas to apply makeup on

Picking The Right Foundation

Want your makeup to look effortless and natural? Picking the right shade of foundation is key to that – otherwise, you could end up looking like you have put on a frightful mask.

How to find the right shade that matches your skin tone? For a first-time or beginner to a brand, you have to swatch different shades along your jawline and/or forehead and blend it in to see which shade “disappears” into your skin – that’s the best shade for you. Make sure you test it under good natural lighting.

Depending on how long you want to go without touching up your foundation or how many blemishes you need to cover up, you can choose from sheer coverage for lighter looks to full-coverage foundation for a more flawless coverage.

Create A Look with Your Eye & Lip Makeup

When looking at someone with a face full of makeup, two things tend to catch your eye first – the eyes and the lips.

That is why beginners should focus on these two aspects when trying to create a particular look!

Going for a naturally effortless look for the day? Use lighter colours for eyeshadows, minimal eyeliner and mascara products, and nude or pinkish tones for the lips to achieve that.

Want a sexier look for a night out on the town? Opt for a smoky eye with heavier eyeshadow colours, a bolder eyeliner and mascara look, and bright bold colours for the lips. 

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