Simple Beauty Tips to Get You Ready for This Year’s Party Season


In a blink of an eye, the end of 2021 is almost upon us – and for many of us, that means party time! From family holiday gatherings, end of year work parties, and the endless social get-togethers, the festive frenzy beckons, which also means that it is the time for you to look your very best!

Here are some simple beauty tips from our team at Liht Organics to help get you started on looking (and feeling) your best for the festive season!

Pre-Party Prep: Skin & Hair Care Routine

Looking good does not happen overnight – so now is the time to start prepping ahead with a proper skin and hair care routine.
Want your skin and hair to glow? Make sure you get started on a season-appropriate skincare and haircare routine:

• Make sure to hydrate and moisturize more to ensure that your skin remains plump and supple even in the drier cold climate
• Keep up with your exfoliation – but reduce the frequency
• Start masking more frequently
• Take your time to shampoo in the shower, to help thoroughly cleanse your scalp
• Spend time to condition your hair ends (avoiding the roots)
• Start on a healthy diet that is protein and iron-rich to keep enhance healthy hair growth and skin repair

Pre-Party Prep: Exercise, Rest & Proper Diet

We all know that party season means lots of food and late nights which takes a toll on our skin and body. So, make sure to keep up with a balanced lifestyle ahead of and during party season to make sure you don’t have any regrets after!

Keep up with an exercise routine to ensure you burn away any of those extra calories and get your body in shape to wear your favourite party outfit! Make sure you get enough rest during the nights and stick to a proper healthy diet to ensure that your body gets the right nutrients to look and feel its best.

Party Prep: Party-Perfect Makeup

Worried about how your heavy party makeup one event after another could result in clogged pores and troublesome pimple outbreaks in the middle of the party season?

Well, it’s time to avoid traditional makeup brands and opt for all-natural and truly organic makeup alternatives instead! Clean beauty brands have mastered the art of balancing performance and safety, delivering makeup that helps you slay your looks but without harming your skin and health while you do it. Like Liht Organics, a 100% natural makeup brand with a comprehensive range of high-performance makeup products that can last you from dawn to dusk – perfect for non-stop partying.

Here’s how to create a perfect winter party look with Liht Organics’ organic makeup collection in a few simple steps:
• Pair our Flawless Face Concealer and Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation for flawless coverage that can last you all day through to the night!
• Want that extra glow? Give yourself an effortless radiant look with a dash of Sheer Radiance Blush.
• Go for a fancy and bold look with a striking eye line using their smudge-proof Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner and lash-extending Infinity Lash Mascara
• Last but not least, make your lips pop with the intense hues and hydrating formula of their Colour-Intense Liquid Lipstick collection.


Now you are ready to look and feel your absolute best at every holiday party!