Why Investing in Organic Makeup is Good for You and The Planet?

The global cosmetics market size is projected to reach approximately $463 billion by 2027. Every day, the average woman uses up to 12 different beauty or cosmetic products. Such is the ubiquity of makeup products in our lives.

And yet, shockingly little has been done to ensure the safety of such products – for the people who use them, as well as the environment.

Looking to take matters into your own hands?  Here are some simple reasons why you should consider making the switch to safer organic products instead.


Organic Makeup Is All Natural

Independent research over the years have linked toxic chemicals to a large variety of makeup products:

  • Asbestos (linked to lung cancer and mesothelioma) in glittery makeup products
  • Formaldehyde (a carcinogenic compound) in nail polish
  • Heavy metals like lead in lipsticks
  • And many more 

With the lack of international legislation to protect consumers from such harmful and toxic ingredients or by-products in the cosmetics industry, it is much safer to avoid makeup with any chemicals altogether.

As an alternative, organic makeup is all-natural and free from any harmful chemical compounds so you can have peace of mind that what you put on your face and body is safe for you.


Protect The Future Generation

Studies have shown that endocrine-disrupting compounds like phthalates, found commonly in skincare and makeup products are linked to birth defects and reproductive and developmental issues.

This goes to show that the choice of makeup products we put on ourselves affects not only our health but also the well-being of our children. To ensure the well-being of our future generation, clean, organic makeup is the best way to go!


No Animal Testing

If you are an animal lover, this should be a no-brainer. Without the presence of synthetic chemicals, there will be no need for the cruelty that is animal testing. Hundreds of thousands of animals are harmed every day from cruel, senseless, and unnecessary testing. Say NO to animal cruelty, and choose clean beauty brands that do not test on animals!


Minimize Harmful By-Products That Enter Our Ecosystems

At the end of life of many makeup products, they inevitably end up in our oceans and landfills. 

Imagine the amount of toxic and dangerous chemicals now introduced into our ecosystems? Now in the wild, they wreak havoc amongst the food webs and interconnected systems in place, with unknown long-term effects on the environment.

In contrast, if more people switched over to organic products including organic makeup, we can help to minimize the amount of dangerous chemicals introduced to the environment. 


More Sustainable for The Environment

Many makeup products are petrochemical-based, whereby their ingredients are obtained via extensive and usually unsustainable mining activities. This usually leads to a disruption to the ecosystem and its wildlife habitat. 

In contrast, organic products tend to use ingredients cultivated via organic farming practices (no use of synthetic chemicals or fertilizers) instead. Such sustainable agriculture helps us to preserve the natural biodiversity in the world and reduces the destructive chain effect on our ecosystem in the long term.


Ready To Make the Switch to Organic Makeup?

Convinced of the many strong reasons why organic makeup is much better than its traditional counterpart and ready to make the switch?

Check out Liht Organics, a proud organic makeup brand that offers a wide range of all-natural, truly organic makeup products that are great for you and the environment.