Ingredient Spotlight – Benefits of Cinnamon Extract and Lavender Extract in Beauty Products

At Liht Organics, we take pride in being a 100% all-natural and organic cosmetic brand. This is why our commitment to only using the best and most natural ingredients in our makeup products for you, goes beyond just selling them, but also proactively educating consumers on what goes into the products you put on your face.

In part three of our series of educational articles, where we share about the top-quality natural ingredients used in making your favourite Liht Organic products, we will be focusing on Cinnamon and Lavender extract!


Cinnamon Extract & Its Beauty Benefits

As with many of our naturally derived ingredients, the sweet, and spicy Cinnamon extract is also an incredibly popular spice used in food and beverages and medicinal treatments worldwide.

Obtained by soaking finely ground cinnamon bark or sticks in a solvent for some time before filtering out the powder, leaving behind the concentrated extract, this amazing culinary ingredient also doubles up as a great ingredient for our skin:

  • Amazing antioxidant properties in cinnamon extract help keep our skin safe from harmful free radicals in the environment that can result in significant signs of aging. Say no to sun damage!
  • Rich anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties help to keep the dizzying range of harmful micro-organisms on our skin at bay and reduce the chances of skin flare-ups.
  • The unique warming effect of cinnamon spice helps to promote blood circulation to the skin, and in turn, promotes the transport of nasty waste products away and good nutrients for better skin health.


Wondering which of our Liht Organic products feature this amazing natural ingredient? Here’s a list of all our products with Cinnamon extract at a glance:


Lavender Extract & Its Beauty Benefits

An extremely versatile and popular component, lavender extract can be found in things ranging from baked goods, teas, candle scents, aroma diffusers, skincare products, and more, beloved for its distinct floral scent.

While lavender is often linked to relaxation, it’s not the only thing this special extract derived from lavender flowers is good for – it is also surprisingly good for our skin:

  • Strong cellular regeneration properties make it an incredibly effective means for healing blemishes, boosting collagen production, and rejuvenating skin for healthier, glowing skin!
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it a gentle, natural yet useful treatment for acne treatment and other bacteria-induced skin flareups.
  • Regulates skin’s pH balance by controlling the production of sebum in your skin, keeping it at its ideal state – not too dry or too oily.


Wondering which of our Liht Organic products feature this amazing natural ingredient? Here’s a list of all our products with Lavender extract at a glance:


Time to Incorporate Cinnamon & Lavender Beauty Products into Your Beauty Routine Today!

Now that you’ve learnt about the amazing skin benefits that natural beauty ingredients offer, what’s stopping you from making the switch from your current makeup products that are chockful of synthetic and potentially harmful chemicals?

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