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[FEATURE] Gulf News: TikTok’s strawberry girl makeup trend: How to achieve that rosy glow inspired by Hailey Bieber

Berry, berry, strawberry, love strawberry, like BTS’s J-Hope, the band’s strawberry enthusiast once said. If only we knew what he thinks about the latest viral strawberry makeup trend that has gripped TikTok, thanks to Hailey Bieber. It really wasn’t a thing, but then it is now. Bieber’s strawberry look has been months in the making, […]

Liht Organics: Meet the beauty brand that has caught the eye of the Royal Family of Bahrain

By Crystal Lee Digital Editor28 May 2021 The world of clean beauty is, ironically, rather murky. That’s because the term has never been legally defined. Buzzwords like “natural”, “green”, “honest” and “non-toxic” are mostly unregulated, which means brands can use them at their own discretion. But if there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that clean […]

The latest luxury makeup and skincare drops, including serums, concealers, moisturisers and more

Allisa Noraini 21 May, 2021 It’s fine to splurge in the name of beauty. This new range of makeup and skincare drops are definitely to be eyed on Money may not buy happiness, but having good skin definitely can. To achieve that, you know what you need to do. Never underestimate the restorative powers of a proper skincare and makeup regime; […]

These SG Beauty Bosses Are Conquering The World Despite The Pandemic

First Singapore, then the US, China, Germany, Dubai, UK, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia… By Goh Yee Huay, January 7, 2021 Singapore’s beauty mover and shakers: (from left to right) Shinji Yamasaki of Re:erth, Johanna Monange of Maison 21G, Nerissa Low of Liht Organics, Patsy Ong-Hahl of DrGL, and Nicolas Travis of PSA. Singapore is […]

Nerissa Low, Founder at Liht Organics

Written by Callum Laing Posted on December 26, 2020  10 min read Nerissa Created Organic Makeup That Actually Improves Skin What’s your story?  I battled with adult acne and sensitive skin in my 20s which caused a huge dent in my self esteem. After years of steroid injections and harmful medication, I did tons of research into product formulations […]


“MAKEUP IS MEANT TO BE USED AS AN AVENUE FOR INDIVIDUALS TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES AND SHOWCASE THEIR CREATIVITY, NOT TO HIDE WHO THEY REALLY ARE.” – NERISSA LOW Beauty entrepreneur, Nerissa Low, founder of Liht Organics Pte Ltd which had won the Green Brand Award shares her inspiring stories to empower women to see the Liht with […]

Organic makeup and why your skin will love it: Liht Organics founder

By Jolene,July 27, 2020 |7 mins read Organic make up in Singapore is a trend that is fast-catching on here as we become more discerning about what exactly goes into our creams, make-up, foundations and skincare. Paraben-free, chemical-free, no sulphates are just a few phrases we now look out for when we buy our products. […]